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Anyone seeking to apply or to develop their knowledge in Luxembourg law, to understand the basics of law, the pillars of the Luxembourg state, its legal institutions, the procedures brought before these legal institutions and willing to acquire the know how to defend themselves in actions involving administrations, property laws and contract law. R.C.S. Luxembourg C109 13, Rue Erasme L-1468 Luxembourg e-mail : [email protected] . Q&A CNC 16/008 . QUESTIONS / RÉPONSES : eCDF / PCN – SUPPRESSION DE LA CATÉGORIE DES CHARGES ET DES PRODUITS EXCEPTIONNELS : CONSÉQUENCES PRATIQUES . Q&A CNC 16/008 Mars 2016 Page 3 de 7 . anciennement Q&A PCN 01/2016 . 2. Forax STATEC is committed to producing statistics, analyses and studies mirroring a detailed, reliable and objective image of the Luxembourg society. STATEC coordinates the Luxembourg Statistical System that is organised in consonance with the principle of statistical centralisation. LATEST NEWS