Self healing cutting mat 4x8 sheet

Grid Sheet for 4'x8' Cutting Mat This Grid Sheet can be used with the Rhino 4'x8' Cutting Mat to aid in making straight cuts ... Self Healing 4'x8' Rhino Cutting Mat ... " Self Healing 4'x8' Rhino Cutting Mat with Grid Sheet. This 3/16" thick translucent, non-glare mat looks great while it functions effortlessly. Make a cut, then another cut a hair away, mat doesn't gouge so every cut is flawlessly straight. " See all 4x8 self healing cutting mats. Choose from 48" x 96" green/black reversible Alvin or Rhino translucent large mats. Perfect heavy-duty large cutting mat suitable for cutting fabric, quilting, photography, sign shops, designers, industrial use and more. Click the links below for more details.