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On this particular day Croke Park was packed to capacity as Limerick took on Kilkenny in the 1940 All Ireland Hurling Final. Going into the city centre, Dublin trams can be seen passing through a busy O’Connell Street, past Nelson’s Pillar (now home to The Spire) towards Bank of Ireland on College Green. A Photo Gallery of Dublin, the Capital City of the Republic of Ireland ( Eire ), including: River Liffey, Hapenny Bridge, Trinity College, St Patrick's Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral. Dublin Castle, Bank of Ireland, High Court, Customs House, Four Courts Building Waterford City is the capital of the Sunny South East of Ireland and Ireland's oldest city. The city hosts a number of festivals during the year including the ever-popular Spraoi. Waterford City was founded by Viking traders in 914 and it has an exciting medieval flavour and riverside bustle. Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland and has been the island’s largest settlement since the Middle Ages. Situated on Ireland’s east coast, it is a world center for education, media and international trade and is the only Irish city with a population exceeding 1 million people. Moving to the de jure capital of their primary title. Make sure your de jure capital is not inland, because an AI doge will move the capital there and destroy the "merchant" part of the republic! Moving from a castle to a city; The capital can also be changed by granting the current capital to a vassal: