Considering that Game of Thrones is still trending globally on social media due to the coffee cup, the mistake actually appears to be working in the show’s favorPC modders have managed to extend Skyrim's cultural relevancy yet again with a not-so-subtle nod to theIt's hilarious to imagine all of the Game of Thrones characters doing something as modern and mundane as ordering a grande soy latte with extra whip at Starbucks

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Skyrim players and content creators are creating mods that add aStarbucks coffee cup to the game to poke fun at the slip-up in a recent episode of Game of ThronesDuring the May 6 episode of "Game of Thrones," eagle-eyed fans spotted a production mistake in the form of a very un-Westerosi coffee cup

Game of Thrones' infamous coffee cup will no longer be seen in front of Daenerys TargaryenThe fact that there was a Starbucks cup in tonight’s Game of Thrones that no producers or editors noticed throughout multiple cuts merely 1 week after the DP yelled that

While the rogue Starbucks cup is ultimately a harmless mishap that has happened in Game of Thrones before — an extra in the pilot can be seen in the background walkingGame of Thrones accidentally showed a Starbucks cup during a scene with Jon Snow and Daenerys on Sunday’s episode

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4, titled “The Last of the Starks,” contained an accidental Easter egg after sharp-eyed fans spotted a modern Starbucks-style coffee cup

We’re looking at you, editors‘Game of Thrones’ Coffee Cup Blunder Spreads Like Wildfire From left, Kristofer Hivju as Tormund Giantsbane, Kit Harington as Jon Snow, and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys

Just when you thought the coffee cup in that Game of Thrones scene drama had died down, it’s come back from the dead trash can White Walker style

You didn't need to be a three-eyed raven to spot the decidedly non-medieval, paper Starbucks coffee cup in last night's episode of "Game of Thrones

No, we're not talking about anyone dying" fans got a taste of the modern world when

On Sunday, eagle-eyed fans of "Game of Thrones" noticed something out of place during a feast scene in the fourth episode of the final season of the epic fantasy show — aGame Of Thrones is one of the most expensive and elaborately produced television shows ever

Just when you thought the coffee cup in that Game of Thrones scene drama had died down, it’s come back from the dead trash can White Walker style” The cup was edited out of the

The “Game of Thrones” coffee cup mishap drew the attention of Greenpeace on Tuesday

“The latte that appeared in the episode was a"Game Of Thrones" made a very rare slip up on Sunday night when eagle-eyed fans spotted aGame of Thrones Starbucks cup controversy finally solved by Emilia Clarke

; FYI, HBO has removed the cup from the shot, so

HBO has explained *that* coffee cup in Game of Thrones (and no, it's not from Starbucks)“Game of Thrones” is filled with magic and surprises, from main character kill-offs and their resurrections to ice dragons and undead armies, but a Starbucks cup in thetv The Game of Thrones editing fail

The cup can be spotted in the background while Tormund is giving a speech honoring his friend Jon Snow (it appears right at the 17:40 mark if you want to check it out forKeen-eyed fans’ discovery of what appeared to be aDuring the first 20 minutes of Sunday night’s 'Game of Thrones' episode, sharp-eyed fans spotted what looks like a Starbucks to-go cup on a banquet table