Sheet rock vs drywall

Jul 15, 2008 · My 2 yr old Picasso has taught me how to get crayon, sharpie, pen, and pencil off the walls using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. But Brandyn has stumped me with dry erase marker on drywall? Any ideas? Greased lightening doesn't work, windex doesn't work, nor does Dawn, Bleach, rubbing alcohal, clorox, magic eraser or good ol' soap and water. Choosing a gently used drywall lift on eBay is a wise choice. Preowned drywall lifts save you money off the brand-new price, and owning your own lift will allow you to begin new drywall projects quickly and with confidence. Additionally, most drywall lifts are able to fold up fairly flat, making them a breeze to store and transport. Nov 20, 2019 · Crack the drywall with your knee or hand to break it. Secure the drywall to the wall with screws, alternating each screw within a half-inch of the edge and about a foot apart. Always butt finished edges to finished edges, and unfinished edges to unfinished edges. This creates valleys. Your area sheetrock drywall supply company. Gator Gypsum offers an extensive selection of drywall products in a variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses. As a leading supplier of top quality drywall, it is our priority to provide innovative solutions for types I-V construction applications. Cut the drywall and fasten the ledger directly to the studs. To sandwich a weak plane in a critical structural element is not a good idea and is not defensible. As for lag bolt vs. nail, either will work with adequate capacity. You'll obviously need more nails than lag bolts. Parallel vs. Perpendicular; What’s the difference and why not just hang the drywall in the direction that results in less butted seams? The accuracy of on center spacing of the framing is very important if attaching drywall parallel in joists on ceiling.