4219 zone expander datasheets

The D8125 Addressable Expansion Module works with the D9127U or D9127T POPIT Modules to provide multiplex technology that combines zone or point supervision with individual device addressing on one pair of wires. Use the D8125 to provide expansion beyond the standard number of control panel zones, up to a total of 238 points. Each D8125 module can 4219 Wired Zone Expander Module INSTALLATION AND SETUP GUIDE GENERAL INFORMATION This module adds up to eight end-of-line resistor supervised zones to compatible control/communicators via the control’s keypad wiring. The module may be mounted within the control’s cabinet (if room permits), or remotely. If mounted remotely, there are Universal V-Plex® Eight Zone Expander INSTALLATION AND SETUP GUIDE FEATURES The ADEMCO 4208U is a V-Plex ® eight-zone expander for use with ADEMCO controls that support V-Plex (polling loop) devices. Characteristics of this device include: • Can be optionally powered from the control panel aux. power supply to reduce the amount of current ... compatible with the Honeywell 4219 hardwire zone expanders. When using carbon monoxide detectors in systems that support the 4219 zone expanders, install the detectors only on the basic hardwire zones of the system control panel, and NOT on the zone expanders. INSTALLATION 1. Power should be disconnected before proceeding. 2. Review Lot 3 Ademco Honeywell 4219 Security System Zone Expander Vista 10 20se 20p What you see on the picture is get. They do not include the plastic housing and some accessories are missing. INSTALLATION SHEET 711 Zone Expansion Module Description Zone expander modules allow you to increase the number of reporting zones available on DMP panels. Refer to the panel installation guide for more information about zone expansion modules and the maximum number allowed per panel.