Do810 abb datasheets

Product Overview. The S800 I/O provides easy installation of the I/O modules and pr ocess cabling. It is highly modularized and flexible so that the I/O modules can be combined to suit many applications. The S800 I/O modules and a Fieldbus Communication Interface (FCI) are combined to form an I/O Station. Adapter Cable AI801 AI810 AI815 AI820 AI825 AI830A AI835A AI843 AI845 AI880A AI890 AI893 AI895 AI910B (AI4-B) AI910N (AI4) AI910S (AI4-Ex) AI930B (AI4H-B) AI930N (AI4H) AI930S (AI4H-Ex) AI931B (AI4H-B) AI931N (AI4H) AI931S (AI4H-Ex) AI950B (TI4-B) AI950N (TI4) AI950S (TI4-Ex) AIS810 AIS880 AO801 AO810V2 AO815 AO820 AO845A AO890 AO895 AO910B ... We are China professional ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1 Digital Output Suppliers from China. want to know more info about ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1 Digital Output with factory price?Get a free quote now! ABB may have one or more patents or pending patent applications protecting the intel-lectual property in the ABB products described in this document. The information in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by ABB. ABB assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document.