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A classic belly dance tune (tsifteteli) with Greek/Middle Eastern roots around the turn of the century, and it was written about an Egyptian girl ...the word Misirlou refers specifically to a Muslim Egyptian has been played and replayed over the years, and although the original composer is not known, it is credited to Nick Roubanis. Misirlou é uma canção grega, composta em 1927 por Michalis Patrinos. Nas Olimpíadas de 2004, que foram realizadas em Atenas, ela foi escolhida pelo comitê organizador como a música grega mais influente de todos os tempos, tendo sido interpretada por Anna Vissi. Nov 01, 2014 · Nick Roubanis, Misirlou - Egyptian girl, NICHOLAS ROUBANIS - MISIRLOU. Ancient Egypt pyramids and gods of egypt. Prince of Egypt KLAIPEDA, LITHUANIA 2014 Pranciškus Narušis (Clarinet) Audrius ... 78_misirlou_david-rose-and-his-orchestra-roubanis_gbia0039063a Location USA Run time 00:03:22 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.7.7.dev1 Scanningcenter George Blood, L.P. Size 10.0 Source 78 User_cleaned Dane Bard User_metadataentered Perry Longo User_transferred Perry Longo Year 1947 Misirlou; Misirlou . The tune Misirlou has a very interesting history. Originally, a traditional song from the Eastern Mediterranean region, it gained worldwide popularity through Dick Dale's 1962 American surf rock version as an instrumental. More recently, it was featured in Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Pulp Fiction.” {refimprove|date=May 2012}} "Misirlou" (<'Egyptian' < Miṣr'Egypt') is a traditional song from the Eastern Mediterranean region. The earliest known recording of the song is a 1927 Greek rebetiko/ tsifteteli composition influenced by Middle Eastern music.